30 Seconds To Mars Tickets

30 Seconds to Mars is an American rock group consisting of brothers Jared and Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević. Frontman Jared Leto intially began as an actor, (he has appeared in films like Requiem for a Dream, Fight Club, and American Psycho)  but eventually expressed interest in a musical career. In 1998, Jared and his brother, Shannon, co-founded 30 Seconds to Mars. The band's musical style is classified as alternative rock, hard rock, emo, and progressive metal. 

30 Seconds to Mars released a self-titled debut album in 2002, which performed moderately well. Their second album, A Beautiful Lie, was released in 2004, showcased a broader sound and subsequently increased the band's fanbase, going platinum in the U.S. as well as Gold in other countries. Tomo Miličević and Matt Wachter joined the lineup, though Wachter left the band in 2007. This Is War was released in 2009. And the band showed their knack for creative marketing by asking for fan-submitted photos, the first 2,000 of which were individually featured as one of the album's 2,000 different covers. The accompanying tour was an extensive two-year run with over 300 shows, earning 30 Seconds to Mars a Guinness World Record for "Longest Concert Tour By A Rock Band" in a single album cycle. 

Their fourth studio album Love Lust Faith + Dreams was a concept album released May 2013. 2013 also saw Jared Leto premiering his documentary, Artifact, at the 2013 SXSW festival. The documentary depicts the recording process of This Is War, as well as the band's legal conflict with their record company, EMI/Virgin Records.