Our team at Contender.com is lead by a group of professional ticket sellers and music industry bigwigs who know all too well the dirty little secrets behind how you’re being manipulated, cheated, and separated from your cash when buying or selling your tickets. To us, there’s no mystery or conspiracy theories, because, unfortunately, we were part of the problem, and a solution wasn’t in our best interest.

However, as we matured in our lives and careers, it became painfully obvious that by contributing to the “dark side,” we were providing fuel for an inefficient industry headed off the rails. So we made a conscious decision to flip the script and create a way to tackle the problem head on, delivering a solution that’s a win for public.

Contender.com is our comeback story. Our staff of music and sports nerds sleep better at night knowing that we provide users with a free marketplace destination that’s by the people and for the people, rather than padding our pockets with your hard-earned money. Now we measure our success not by the cars we drive or the stacks of cash we fold, but by the hundreds of used ticket stubs we’ve collected from the epic sports, music, and live events we’ve been fortunate enough to attend.

We figure we’re all adults here. Why not let you decide what the price of a ticket to a live event should be? You have the freedom to land the exact seats you want, for a price you’re willing to pay, on virtually every event regardless of whether it’s sold out or not. We’ll be here to make sure no one’s playing dirty.

Negotiate tickets, not the nonsense.

Contender.com #seatyourself