EDM superstar Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, has got the questionably tanned ravers of Long Island fist pumping in their electric blue Camaros, anticipating the Mouseketeer’s New Year’s Eve performance at the Nassau Coliseum.  The Coliseum will thankfully be closing for renovations in April, after losing their marquee team, the NY Islanders, so this is one of the last few chances to catch a show in the OG digs.

The Canadian DJ and producer has been keeping it on the down low for 2013, but that may be because he’s gearing up to release new material after the New Year.  Deadmau5 has 12 new tracks ready to release, 2 of which will come out this month on the joint mou5trap and Astralwerks Records compilation We Are Friends: Volume 2.

In addition to his new songs, the house DJ has also been working on his set, which will see new technology and cinematic elements.  Reportedly, a writer has also been hired to help Deadmau5 write and perfect a script to keep with the movie vibe and storyboard.  His new toys coupled with professional help will definitely up the production value of the DJ’s shows — sending the mainstream rave-scene into even wilder proportions.

In case you can’t wait for New Years, you can press play below to see Deadmau5 performing live at Philadelphia’s Made In America Music Festival.

Deadmau5 – “My Pet Coelacanth” – Live 2013

Deadmau5 New Year’s Eve 2014 Opening Act & Setlists

Deadmau5’s opening acts for his New Year’s Eve 2014 show have yet to be announced. For now, you can check out a recent Deadmau5 setlist to see what he might be playing to ring in the New Year.

Deadmau5 New Year’s Eve 2014 Tickets

Deadmau5 New Year’s Eve 2014 Schedule

Date Event City
12/31/2013 Deadmau5 Nassau Coliseum tickets Uniondale, NY

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