Bob Dylan Setlist

Wondering what songs Bob Dylan played in West Palm Beach on the 2013 tour date? Here’s the setlist from the Bob Dylan concert at Coral Sky Amphitheatre on 6/26/2013. Bob Dylan Setlists are provided by fans and other sources around the web so please provide edits or additions if you believe a song, date, or tour name to be inaccurate. For more information on Bob Dylan events and tickets, check out our archive of Bob Dylan past setlists as well as Bob Dylan opening acts for other concerts.


  1. At My Window Sad and Lonely
  2. Forget the Flowers
  3. Company in My Back
  4. Poor Places
  5. Art of Almost
  6. I Might
  7. Spiders (Kidsmoke)
  8. Impossible Germany
  9. Born Alone
  10. Ripple (Grateful Dead cover w/ Bob Weir)
  11. California Stars (w/ Bob Weir)
  12. Via Chicago
  13. Whole Love
  14. Dawned on Me
  15. I'm the Man Who Loves You