Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal City Walk Tickets

Box Office Hours:

CityWalk Box Office open 7 days 1:00pm-8:45pm.
Main Box Office open Thursday-Monday 1:00pm-9:00pm.
(Closed Wednesday & Thursday unless it is a show night.)

Seat Number Direction (Sitting In Seats Facing Stage):

Lowest seat numbers are towards the middle and count outwards.
ODD numbered sections are House LEFT. Seats in these sections count RIGHT to LEFT.
EVEN numbered sections are House RIGHT. Seats in these sections count LEFT to RIGHT.
MEZZ/BALCONY: Even numbered section #24 has a seat count that is RIGHT to LEFT, as do the odd numbered sections 25,27,29.
Sections 26, 28, 30 follow the LEFT to RIGHT format like the rest of the even numbered sections in the house.

How Many Rows Per Section:

PIT area is often general admission or 8 rows (AAA-HHH)
LOWER ORCH = 20 rows AA - UU ( missing row II )
UPPER ORCH = 22 rows A - W (missing row I )
MEZZANINE = 7 rows A - G

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