Southside Johnny Setlist

Wondering what songs Southside Johnny played in Cleveland on the 2013 tour date? Here’s the setlist from the Southside Johnny concert at House of Blues - Cleveland on 3/23/2013. Southside Johnny Setlists are provided by fans and other sources around the web so please provide edits or additions if you believe a song, date, or tour name to be inaccurate. For more information on Southside Johnny events and tickets, check out our archive of Southside Johnny past setlists as well as Southside Johnny opening acts for other concerts.


  1. Hard to Find
  2. Passion Street
  3. Without Love
  4. Sinful
  5. Love on the Wrong Side of Town
  6. Trapped Again
  7. Cross That Line
  8. Until the Good Is Gone
  9. Angel Eyes (Little Steven cover)
  10. Forever (Little Steven cover)
  11. Tango 'til They're Sore / Alabama Song
  12. Talk to Me
  13. Umbrella in My Drink
  14. Broke Down Piece of Man
  15. Walk Away Renée (The Left Banke cover)
  16. I'm a Man
  17. New Coat of Paint
  18. The Fever (Bruce Springsteen cover)
  19. I Don't Want to Go Home

Encore 1

  1. Happy
  2. Hearts of Stone

Encore 2

  1. You Mean So Much to Me
  2. Tulane (Chuck Berry cover)
  3. Having a Party (Sam Cooke cover)