Verizon Arena Tickets

Box Office Hours: 

The Box Office is located on the corner of Washington and Olive street. 
Monday - Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Obstructed View: 

Sections 122 & 223 as well as 105 & 203 are located to the sides of stage and may have obstructed views. 

Seat Number Direction: 

From the floor, seat numer 1 starts on the left. 
On the lower and sections seat number 1 starts on the right. 

How Many Rows per Section: 

The lower and upper sections have 22 rows per section. 
The three floor section have ten rows per sections. 

How Many Seats per Row: 

The floor sections have 15 seats per row. 
Lower and upper section seats vary depending on the event.

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